Visual Arts Department

Program Overview

The goal of the Visual Arts Program at the Fine Arts Center is to encourage the growth and development of young artists fostered through the guidance of teachers (all of whom are practicing artists). The Visual Arts curriculum requires a high degree of commitment, concentrated effort, extra time, and rigor - establishing a strong foundation in design and technique, on which students can build during a year–long (or multi-year) curriculum that encourages self confidence and development of stylistic vision.

Upon completion of study, students of the Fine Arts Center should be able to display the maturity necessary to accept a critical examination of work and succeed in a Fine or Liberal Arts based program of higher education.

The interview/portfolio review process will help the faculty determine a student’s class placement. We encourage all Visual Arts students to enroll in Art History and to join the FAC chapter of the National Art Honor Society. All students enrolled in their 2nd or 3rd year of Visual Arts MUST enroll in either Art History or AP Studio Art (2D, 3D, or Drawing). All Fine Arts Center seniors, new and returning, must complete a senior project. All students must have their portfolio reviewed to attend the Fine Arts Center, and current students are expected to meet course requirements to return annually.

Students are accepted into the Visual Arts Program, not into specific classes. While we try to place students into the class that they request, the priority is to place students into classes that will strengthen their portfolio and balance our classes (typically 8-12 students). For instance, many first year students will be placed into our full-year 2D/3D Design class or our semester-long Design Topics.

Visual Arts classes in Ceramics, Design, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking, Fiber Arts, Metals, and Photography meet five days per week and are offered between 9:15–11:05 and 1:30–3:20. Generally, first year students attend our morning session, and continuing students attend the afternoon session.

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