About the Collection

Inspired by Carl Blair's 1991 gift, Winter Green, the Fine Arts Center Permanent Collection now consists of work by over forty artists. The philosophy is to collect and exhibit works by artists with ties to the students at the Fine Arts Center. Works by such artists as Sue Coe, Eric Avery and Nancy Spero have been in exhibitions at the center, while Phil Garrett, Daniel Leary, Juan Logan, Virginia Derryberry and Nancy Jaramillo have also conducted workshops or led discussions. Photography, printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture are all represented. Because exhibitions are often thematic the collection also tends to deal with the issues of our day. These issues and ideas range widely, from a rabble rousing editorial cartoon by Jeff Danziger of The Christian Science Monitor to Claude Davis' Pier I, a personal, maybe eccentric, view of a home for fish, to a continuing celebration of classic form and decoration as seen in Bob Chance's work.

Thanks to the generous nature of the artists and the community the collection is growing steadily. It is a reflection of the excitement and activity in our area and within the Fine Arts Center.

The Fine Arts Center Collection is available for loan, under certain conditions, to area businesses and institutions. Selections from the collection have been shown at several sites throughout the area. Opening exhibitions are scheduled at the Center and both theses and the collection are open to the public by appointment and during and after performances.

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