Theatre Design & Production

Program Overview

The Theatre Design and Production Program conjures up the magic that surrounds the performers for FAC’s numerous stage events. We prize dedication and hard work because they consistently produce good results. Here you’ll learn the theory, as well as, the current practice of producing the performing arts. But more importantly, you’ll learn time management, communication, and organizational skills, as well as how to be open to new ideas.

Theatre Design and Production (Technical Theatre) can be broken down into two categories: Design and Production/Technology. In this program, we spend an equal amount of time in both.

  • Design: How do you find the deeper meaning of a play? How do you use production elements to support the action on stage? Why are we telling this story? What can line and color tell us about a character?
  • Production/ Technology: How do we make a design come to life? What tools do you need to know how to use? How can technology help you create an effective stage production? How do you program a lighting console, route microphones through an audio system, or build an entire world onstage? Can you sew a costume?

We will face each new production challenge and use the appropriate tools of the trade. Experience in these areas can help you become a professional in the Design and Production field or in any field you may want to pursue.