Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission Statement

Preparing dedicated students for 21st-century careers through rigorous, pre-professional arts training in a dynamic, inclusive, collaborative learning community.

Vision Statements

The Fine Arts Center commits to the continual growth of our students by providing unique, unparalleled opportunities to:

  • Advance within their disciplines and across other disciplines to create progressive learning experiences
  • Practice their craft in contemporary facilities that meet or exceed industry standards
  • Extend themselves through challenging curriculum delivered by practicing artist-teachers who are experts in their field
  • Enhance their educational experience by engaging with nationally and internationally recognized visiting artists
  • Transform themselves into confident artists and compassionate citizens

The Fine Arts Center commits to the continual growth of our curriculum, faculty, and facilities in order to maintain the highest standards for our students by:

  • Enhancing the recruiting for and publicization of our programs to make our school more accessible to all students in Greenville County
  • Seeking opportunities to expand programming through the addition of courses and faculty
  • Establishing and cultivating a summer intensive program that serves the needs of current and potential FAC students
  • Upgrading or adding to existing facilities to include current technology, equipment, and space in alignment with our curriculum development   
  • Providing the faculty with the highest level of professional development, with regular access to national workshops and exceptional guest artists

Core Values

  • Creativity - is developed through curiosity, expression, critical thinking, self-reflection, practice and mastery of skills
  • Respect - is cultivated through a healthy artistic environment that is safe, open-minded, inclusive and diverse
  • Grit - is formed by commitment, hard work, integrity, resilience, and perseverance, which are essential to personal and professional achievement 
  • Identity - is matured as students become practicing artists, lifelong learners, and innovators
  • Connection - is built as our work strengthens our school, the community, and the broader society