Program Overview

Every incoming theatre performance student begins in either Theatre Foundations or the Beginning Theatre Ensemble. Theatre Foundations gives students an opportunity to investigate the literature, techniques, and methods of theatre without the constant pressure of performing. Focus is evenly split between academic and practical applications, with daily experience in both. The Beginning Theatre Ensemble is focused on the tools and practical craft of the theatre artist, as well as college and career preparation.

After successful completion of the Beginning Theatre Ensemble, students may progress to the Advanced Theatre Ensemble and Advanced Topics in Theatre. Students' skills become more specialized, while continuing to study the larger theatrical spectrum. Performers receive in-depth training in acting, movement, voice, speech, production, and college and career preparation.

Both the Beginning and Advanced Ensembles perform regularly for public audiences in a variety of ways: formal productions, informal presentations, school showcases, and events in the community. All theatre students are encouraged to work in Greenville’s many local theatres and in their home high school programs. Field trips and guest artists add to a well-rounded theatrical education.