A.R.M.E.S. Program

ARMES LogoProgram Overview

The ARMES Program (Arts Reaching Middle and Elementary Schools) is a tuition-free arts program designed to meet the needs of Greenville County students in grades 3 through 8 who have demonstrated outstanding talents and a deep interest in dance, strings/music, drama, visual arts or writing. The purpose of the program is to allow students to explore their chosen art form in depth while promoting individual creativity. All ARMES classes are held after regular school hours at the Fine Arts Center.

A.R.M.E.S. Objectives:

  1. Allow young students to develop as artists
  2. Create a stimulating learning environment in which students experience both intellectual and social growth
  3. Develop behaviors useful in self-directed learning
  4. Heighten enthusiasm for learning
  5. Increase knowledge and use of creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  6. Foster appreciation for personal abilities
  7. Encourage the development of aesthetic values