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Visual Arts

Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking
Ryan Roth, Instructor

3-Dimensional Design in Metal
Katy Cassell, Instructor

3-Dimensional Design in Ceramics
Kelly King, Instructor

Rod Fincannon, Instructor

2D and 3D Design
Donna Shank Major, Instructor

Art History
Rebecca Owens, Instructor

Visiting artist Boris Bally shares his metalwork made from recycled street signs with students and faculty from the Visual Arts Department in the Metals Studio.


At the Fine Arts Center, the arts are not only taught, but also practiced and lived on a daily basis. Here, through the guidance of teachers (all of whom are practicing artists), students acquire strong, basic foundations, enabling them to develop their artistic talents. The Fine Arts Center offers a rigorous course of study, often requiring extra time, concentrated effort, and the maturity necessary to accept a critical examination of work. The Visual Arts curriculum at the Fine Arts Center requires a high degree of commitment – higher, perhaps, than students encounter in a high school classroom. A prerequisite for an arts education is a firm commitment of time and energy. Students are to be in class every day, to do homework, and to attend extracurricular arts events. All students must have their portfolio reviewed to attend the Fine Arts Center, including current students who wish to return for multiple years.

Acceptance to the Fine Arts Center is a recognition of a student’s talent, special interest, and a desire to achieve in the arts. Students are accepted into the Visual Arts Program, not into specific classes. Each year that a student attends they will be required to participate in one 2-Dimensional class, such as Photography or Drawing/Painting, and one 3-Dimensional class, such as Metals or Ceramics. Our Design class is geared for underclassmen and is a full-year class that focuses on both 2-D and 3-D artwork. Every effort is given to place students into the class that they request, however, because our class size is kept small (typically 8-12 students) it is necessary to place students into classes that will strengthen their portfolio.

Visual Arts classes are five days per week and are offered between 9:15–11:05 and 1:30–3:20. Generally, first year students attend our morning session, and advanced students attend the afternoon session. The interview/portfolio review process will help the faculty determine a student’s class placement.

IN ORDER to APPLY for the Visual Art Department, students must:
1. Complete the online application by the deadline.
2. Request and ensure that a teacher has completed the teacher recommendation (home school, private school, and out of county applicants will also need to fax a current transcript to 864-355-2579)
3. Complete an audition interview/portfolio review in person. The reviews will be scheduled only after the application, recommendation, and transcripts have been received. Applicants will be emailed their scheduled review dates after the application deadline. Portfolio reviews will take place during the month of February.

1. Bring 8 to 10 pieces of artwork plus your sketchbook!
2. Include a variety of media and styles if you can. For example, you may specialize in photography, but you should include ceramics, drawings, prints, sculptures, jewelry, or anything else you have to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded artist. The portfolio should represent the full range of a student's experiences in the visual arts.
3. Include your best work, both school assignments and artwork you’ve made on your own. Also, well-used sketchbooks give us insight into your artistic process and level of dedication.
4. Come prepared to have a conversation about your art. You will present your portfolio to one of the Visual Arts Department teachers and will be asked questions about your artwork and artistic training. A typical interview will last between 5-15 minutes. Expect to learn about the strengths of your portfolio as well as how you can improve it.

Who gets a good portfolio and interview evaluation?

Students who are self-motivated to create artwork.
Students who have made the effort to learn about the history of the arts.
Students who can discuss their use of the elements and principles of design.
Students who do well academically.
Although academic grades are not our primary focus, our experience tells us that there is often a strong correlation between academic success and artistic success, and we want our students to be prepared artistically and academically for life after high school. The Fine Arts Center is looking for young artists who are willing to work together in a focused, cooperative manner while exploring new techniques, materials, and ideas.

Remember, your portfolio represents you as an artist and as a potential Fine Arts Center student.


The Visual Art Department is pleased to present Asian Textiles: Selections from the Florence County Museum which will be on display in the Francis Sheffield Wood Gallery in the front lobby of the Fine Arts Center until November 29, 2012. Hours are 8:00 am to 3:20 pm or by appointment by calling 864-355-2571.

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