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We prepare students for advanced study and career opportunities through studio classes taught by professional artists/teachers.

The Fine Arts Center of Greenville County, the first specialized arts school in South Carolina, was established in August, 1974.

Students apply to the Center and are selected on the basis of talent, interest, motivation, and commitment to their discipline and are able to study architecture, theatre, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, or digital filmmaking.

The purpose of the Fine Arts Center is to provide advanced comprehensive arts instruction to students who are artistically talented and who wish to take an intensive pre-professional program of study.

Students attend the Fine Arts Center five days a week in the morning or afternoon for 110 minutes of instruction, spending the remainder of their time in other academic work at the home high school.

Each year approximately 400 students attend the Fine Arts Center, and, of that number, some ninety percent go on to higher education. Our 2013-2014 graduating class of 88 students earned over 10.8 million dollars in scholarship opportunities to attend over 40 different institutions.



Other Brother Reception, Exhibition and Screening
September 3rd @ 6:00PM

One is an art-world insider; one lived alone in a world of art.

This film illuminates the remarkable lives of Jesse and Tom Flowers. Jesse, solitary and troubled, found solace in little else but his art; Tom found success as an artist and a professor. Jesse’s work feels crowded, humorous and primordial; Tom’s feels open and contemporary. Viewing their paired works of art, we listen in on an artistic dialogue that transcends decades of estrangement. We witness so many layers of Jesse’s life in such artful and profound ways that ultimately we sense the man is in the room with us, flesh and blood.

Tom and Jesse took different paths in life to get past the harshness of growing up and the distance between them. This story explores their very different lives and the visual thread that connects them. We step into their lives in The Other Brother as the film recreates the broken silence between them. The brothers are reunited through their artwork in this reflective documentary.

An intimate inquiry into sibling estrangement, the film also considers the significant role of creativity in one’s life. The documentary extends a rare invitation to view numerous works of art by both brothers, side-by-side for the first time.

Fine Arts Center Open House
September 17th @ 6:30PM



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